Is MCA Distance Education Valuable?

As the IT industry expands fast, so does the need for postgraduate degree courses in the IT-sphere. Distance learning education, on the other hand, has made learning more accessible. MCA remote education is regarded as the best choice for working individuals seeking a master’s degree in computer applications without having to leave their jobs.

MCA Distance Education Eligibility Criteria

  • A graduating degree (minimum of three years) from any field is required.
  • The graduation degree must be from a UGC-approved institution.
  • Mathematics in 10+2 is required for several MCA Distance Education provider institutions.

Admission Procedure for Distance MCA 2022

The admissions procedure for the distance MCA degree is as follows:

Step 1. Sign up on the university’s official website.

Step 2.  After logging in, carefully read the instructions and follow the procedures.

Step 3: Fill out the university’s application form.

Step 4. Sign up for the admission test.

Step 5. Upload all of the papers listed on the site.

Step 6. Pay the application costs after filling out all of your personal information and papers.

Step 7. Wait for further communication from the college.

Duration of the MCA distance education program

The Master of Computer Applications program is a three-year postgraduate degree program.

Furthermore, the duration of the distance MCA is determined by the institution. Some colleges may offer you 3-6 years to get your degree.

Exam Pattern for MCA Distance Education

Few institutions use admission exams to choose candidates for the MCA program, and others have varied qualifying criteria.

One of the leading universities, like Anna University, shortlists applicants using the Distance Education Entrance Exam Test (DEET) and Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET).

Examine the test patterns for the two examinations.

DEET Exam Pattern

Mode of exam Offline
Duration of exam 2 hours
Type of questions Multiple Choice
Number of questions 100
Marking scheme +1 for every correct answer

No negative marking

TANCET Exam Pattern

Mode of exam Offline
Duration of exam 2 hours
Medium of exam English
Type of questions Multiple Choice
Number of questions Section I- 20
Section II – 35. (Only the first 20 accurate responses will be considered.)
Section III- 60
Marking scheme +1 for every accurate response

-⅓ for each and every one of them

Advantages of Distance learning MCA 

  • The cost of an MCA through distance learning is reasonable and accessible. The cost of the books is covered by the institution.
  • As there is no need for regular attendance at courses, MCA aspirants may combine employment and study. It is a blessing for all students who are unable to quit their jobs to pursue their education.
  • The MCA course may be taken remotely from as many institutions as possible. The finest college may be chosen by students.
  • You are exempt from attending normal lessons. It is possible to study from home.
  • After earning an MCA degree, several professional options are available. You may find employment in both the public and private sectors.

Opportunities for Employment Following MCA Distance Education

Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer position is open to you. You are permitted to work with hard drives, circuit boards, etc. The objective of the position is to provide customers and organizations with an alternate answer.

Software Application Architect

You must assess business choices if you are a software application architect. For the software to be developed more effectively, you will also be giving software solutions like codes, programs, and tools.

Analyst, System

Employees should provide IT solutions for businesses or customers within this area.

Technical Writer

If you talk and write with confidence in your own tongue, An option is technical writing. Many employers want employees with technical expertise and strong writing abilities.

Website Designer

The website’s design for the company and customer is within the purview of the developer. If there is an issue with the website, you must also fix it or eliminate the flaws.

Average MCA Professional Salary in India

As a new graduate, you may expect to earn between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 30,000 per month as an MCA professional in India.

Your compensation may increase somewhat after a few years of employment.


  1. 1. Is an MBA superior to an MCA?

The MBA and MCA are two distinct programs. Strong management and administrative abilities are available for those with strong MBA programs. MCA is one of the greatest possibilities for someone who is interested in computer applications and wants to work in the technology industry.

  1. 2. Is it worthwhile to complete the MCA distance?

Yes, distance MCA programs are worthwhile. Additionally, the greatest way for working people to get a master’s degree without quitting their jobs is via distance learning. After earning an MCA degree, there are several employment options and pay scales.

  1. 3. Which institution offers the finest distance learning MCA programs? Jaipur National University, IGNOU, Chandigarh University, etc.

The top university for MCA distance learning is IGNOU. IGNOU is a government-affiliated institution offering around 150 distance learning courses. IGNOU charges a little tuition, but the degree is worth a lot. After earning a degree from IGNOU, you may get employment in large IT businesses or in the government sector.

  1. 4. Am I able to do a correspondence MCA without math?

No university offers a master’s degree in computer applications without math. For an MCA degree, math is a must.

  1. 5. How much does the distance learning MCA course cost?

Compared to a traditional MCA course, the cost of the distance learning MCA program is lower. The cost structure varies depending on the institution. The cost of distance learning MCA programs typically ranges from Rs 18,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh. It lasts for three years.

Is there scope for the distance MCA?

There are several prospects for someone with a distance MCA degree. You may work as a developer, a software programmer, an engineer, a software consultant, etc. in many large and small IT companies. The yearly minimum pay ranges from 2,20,000 to 4,50,000.

Can I work for the government after earning a correspondence MCA?

Yes, after earning an MCA degree, you may find lucrative employment in the government sector. However, in order to apply for government positions, the degree must be authorized by both the U.S. University Grants Commission and the AICTE.


Striving for distance You may be able to continue working at your existing position by taking an MCA course to learn computer application skills. Fill out the inquiry form if you are interested in MCA admission via distance learning.


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