NMIMS Solved BBA Assignment 4th Semester

BBA 4th Sem Assignments

BBA Solved Assignments: The Bachelor in Business Administration program teaches students to become industry-ready managers. The program equips candidates with the requisite quality education and knowledge in business management for adding immense value to the industry and advancing learning. If you are doing BBA, you would probably compare Distance BBA importance with regular BBA. While many students think distance BBA doesn’t hold equal importance as regular BBA, we would like to correct it. 

4th Semester BBA Assignments

Distance BBA holds equal importance to regular BBA due to the course’s curriculum. In other words, you have the same curriculum for both regular and BBA in distance courses. However, It has curated distance BBA to help develop life-changing skills like technical skills in management business skills to start a startup.

BBA 4th Assignments

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BBA 4th Smester Subjects

• Performance Management System Solved BBA Assignment
• Research Methodology Solved BBA Assignment
• Introduction to Analytics Solved Assignment BBA
• Sales Management Solved BBA Assignment
• Production & Total Quality Management BBA Solved Assignment
• Fundamentals of Taxation BBA Assignment Solved


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