Refund Policy

If a person has made an order for any of the assignments of any semester and institution, we do not, under any circumstances, issue refunds. You may only seek a refund if you do so within 12 hours of making your purchase and if our staff has not yet begun working on your assignments. We will not cancel the purchase and return the money if our writer has already begun working on the tasks through

We do not refund advance payments under any circumstances. We can only provide a refund if we cannot meet a deadline for an assignment and, in this instance, if your contribution to many tasks is complete. If just one or two tasks remain, we will only be able to issue refunds for those assignments, and we will not be able to offer refunds for assignments that our team has already finished; the student can decline it.

Modification Request

If the question is submitted within three days after the assignment’s delivery, we will make any necessary revisions or clear up any confusion in the responses. After three days, we are not obligated to change if a student asks a question.

Request for a refund if you can not submit your assignments

After our team has delivered the project, we do not provide refunds or free tasks. The student must submit the work to the institution by the due date. After distributing the assignments, we are not liable for any problems students may have while posting their assignments. We make no such offers of a fresh assignment or reimbursement.

Free assignment requests in copycase

Only when there is copying in the particular assignment after delivery does we provide fresh assignments for free on the same topic.

If you get 15 or more points on your assignment, you will not be offered a new one.

The third copycase will need you to purchase more assignments from us.

We cannot guarantee passing grades. After finishing one of our distinctive assignments or projects, if you get a copycase, we will offer you a brand-new assignment for free the next semester. We are not liable for tasks that get no points, however.

Student Important Notice:

If the question is brought up within three days of the assignment’s delivery, we will make revisions or clarify any uncertainties in the assignment solutions. After three days, we are not obligated to make any changes if a student asks a question.

Additionally, once our team has delivered the assignment, we do not provide refunds or free tasks. We are not accountable for any challenges students may have uploading their assignments after we have provided them; it is entirely the student’s obligation to turn in the assignment to the institution before the deadline. In any of these circumstances, we do not provide a fresh assignment or a refund.

We supply fresh tasks on the same topic after delivery only when there is plagiarism in a particular project.

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